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Engage your store users by displaying more products in 3 different and interactive ways with WooCommerce Load More products plugin. The 3 methods of loading more products include infinite scroll, load more button, and pagination. With infinite scroll, you can automatically show products as the user scrolls down the shop page without compelling them to ask or wait for it. The Ajax-based faster product display helps to keep the users busy in exploring your store the way Facebook and other social networks engage their users.

With load more button, you can set the users free in viewing more products or selecting from already viewed ones. It comes with various customization options like animation, product limit, and Show Less button. You can try projecting more products on the store by classifying them in pages as well. This will replace the conventional loading with a more robust Ajax-powered pagination.

Key Features of WooCommerce Load More Products Plugin

  • Use 3 interactive ways to load more products on the shop
  • Infinite scroll automatically displays more products
  • Add the ‘Load More’ button to show Products on user discretion
  • Use pagination to easily classify products in pages
  • Enable ‘Show Less’ button
  • Configure ‘Load More’ and ‘Show Less’ buttons
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Enable Ajax-based Infinite Product Scroll

With infinite scroll, you can engage users to keep scrolling down the shop page and more products will continue appearing automatically. The Ajax-based technique ensures quick and faster product loading upon a scroll. It engages users, improves bounce rate, and boost conversions.

WooCommerce load more products - Infinite Product Scroll

Add a Customizable ‘Load More’ button

You can ‘Load More’ button on the shop page to allow visitors in viewing more products if they like to. Animate the button with a limit to the number of products it loads. Enable a loading image and upload a custom one.
WooCommerce load more products

Load More Products in Pages

Use the pagination option to make it easier for users to find a product on different pages. Your users can easily switch between the pages by clicking the page numbers at the end of the shop page and bookmark them to revisit later.
WooCommerce load more products - pagination

Create Show Less button

You can enable a Show Less button as well to help the visitors view the products they are interested in and hide the rest of the items. Personalize the Show Less button by text, background color, mouse hover color, border color, and lots of other options.
WooCommerce load more products - show less button

Variety of animations for Load Button

Animate the display of products with the Load button to make it more attention-grabbing. Use any of the following animation types.

  • Bounce
  • Bounce in right
  • Shake
  • Fade-in
  • Fade-in down
  • Fade-in right
  • Slide-in left
  • Slide-in right/
  • Slide-in down
  • Slide-in up

WooCommerce load more products - animations

Use Shortcodes to apply Loading More Products

The plugin creates a shortcode for you to easily copy and paste on a Shop page or any specific category to implement loading more products.

WooCommerce load more products - shortcode

Version 1.0.2
Bugs Fixes
Version 1.0.1
Fixed database issue
Version 1.0.0
Initial Release



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