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Reviews and critiques play a significant role in making important decisions of our lives. Various questions pop into our mind when we are making a choice. You can now buy anything you want over the internet with just a few clicks. While choosing the right option, nothing serves best in decision making than a product reviews. Observing the diverse demographics using E-commerce platforms for buying products, it has been revealed that 92% of the assessment population declared that their purchasing decisions are entirely dependent on online reviews.

Creating a product reviews for your website requires a lot of hard work.

Our WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews is a chance for merchants to attract online shoppers purchase safely from your store by having WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews badge on your website. Google Customer Reviews is more like service from google which helps merchant to collect feedback from users who’ve made a product purchase on your site. All this collected Ratings from Google Customer Reviews apply to your seller ratings on Google Shopping. On other way, Google certified review badge can be display on your WooCommerce site to gain extra attention from your customers.

Having genuine reviews increase trust in your brand, lower advertising costs and have an overall positive effect on your bottom line.

All needed configuration makes it trouble-free to complete google javascript code integration nearly in less time by injecting all dynamic fields right from backend without any error on script. This Plugin also auto tracks order confirmation page & evaluate script specific for success page suggested by GCR program. WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews plugin helps to configure & populate badge code script by allowing all required fields configurations from backend. In no other way, Installation & getting it working is just few clicks task ideally for non technical merchants. Speedy installation & easy configuration makes merchant job trouble-free than ever.

Now, effortlessly display your products reviews in Google Shopping with WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews.

Here is top clicked WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews features

  • Integrate Google Customer Rating Badge javascript on all WooCommerce pages with dynamic variables ex. Merchant Id, Badge Position etc.
  • Backend Configuration for Merchants to manage dynamic fields like MERCHANT_ID, POSITION (“BOTTOM_LEFT”, “BOTTOM_RIGHT”), LANGUAGE etc.
  • Holding all WooCommerce code standards
  • Shortcode option for WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews. To Generate “GCR Badge” on page follow as given in Example with square brackets: [google_customer_reviews_badge]
  • Auto checks order success page & append google customer reviews survey opt-in module to order confirmation page.
  • Speedy Installation & configuration in just no time

Change log

Version 1.0.0 – 25/04/2017

  • Initial Release



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