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WooCommerce Butcher Calculator

WooCommerce Butcher Calculator if you’re searching for a smart, simple tool that allows you to create price estimation of your animal butchery easily, to enable your clients to get information about your services and product costs, you are in the right place. WooCommerce Butcher Calculator lets you calculate the animal cost for spices and cutting as per your order. This is a kind of butcher shop that gets information about the Packing unit, your order, and the animal then calculates the price.

                                    <a href=""><img src="" alt="WooCommerce Butcher Calculator" /></a><a href="" rel="nofollow"><img src="" alt="WooCommerce Butcher Calculator" /></a><a href="" rel="nofollow"><img src="" alt="WooCommerce Butcher Calculator" /></a>
                                    <h3 id="item-description__-features-of-woocommerce-butcher">
                                        <strong>Features of WooCommerce Butcher Calculator</strong>

                                        <li>Animal butchery calculator</li>
                                        <li>Calculate price of butchery</li>
                                        <li>Set Cuts, Packing unit, Spices etc</li>
                                        <li>Price Estimator for Spices, Packages and Cuts</li>
                                        <li>All in one butchery shop</li>
                                        <li>Support WooCommerce product</li>
                                        <li>Add option to add spices for admin only</li>
                                        <li>Adding option for animal and their weights</li>
                                        <li>Easy to understand and responsive</li>
                                        <li>Have two type of input unit in Percent and KG</li>

                                        <img src="" alt="WooCommerce Butcher Calculator" />

                                    <h3 id="item-description__-how-to-configure-woocommerce">
                                        <strong>How to Configure WooCommerce Butcher Product</strong>

                                        Once the plugin installs, you need to go to the WooCommerce Product page. On the Product data table, you have a checkbox to enable Butcher Product, then a Butcher Tab; enter your animal and their weights with Cuts, Packaging Units &#38; Prices.

                                        <img src="" alt="WooCommerce Butcher Calculator" />

                                    <h3 id="item-description__-woocommerce-butcher-product">
                                        <strong>WooCommerce Butcher Product Front-View</strong>

                                        You have all animal names listed with their weight and all spices with cuts name, Unit price, Packaging on the Single Product page. Also, the Input unit type is there in both KG &#38; in Percent. Order input must be an interval of 5.

                                        <img src="" alt="WooCommerce Butcher Calculator" />
                                        <img src="" alt="WooCommerce Butcher Calculator" />

                                    <h2 id="item-description__packaging-units"><strong>Packaging Units</strong></h2>
                                    <img src="" alt="WooCommerce Butcher Calculator" />

                                    <h3 id="item-description__-cart-validation-for-unit-type">
                                        <strong>Cart Validation for Unit Type Percent</strong>

                                        So we have to unit types KG &#38; Percent we have validation in Percent Units type, so all order input must be 100.

                                        <img src="" alt="WooCommerce Butcher Calculator" />


1. Is it an Animal butchery calculator?

Answer:Yes it is an Animal butchery calculator.

2. Does it Support WooCommerce products?

Answer:Yes, it supports WooCommerce products.

3. Is there an option for animals and their weights?

Answer:Yes, there is an option for animals and their weights.

<img src="" alt="WooCommerce Butcher Calculator" />

Pre-Translated Languages

                                        <img src="" alt="WooCommerce Variable Pricing Calculator (Addons Simple Product)" />

                                    <h2 id="item-description__-change-log">
                                        <strong>Change log:</strong>
Version 1.0.4
New Addons options added
WooCommerce & WordPress latest Version Compatibility check
Version 1.0.3
Redirection on Product page added from shop page
Js fixes
Version 1.0.2
Responsive devices fixes
Version 1.0.1
WooCommerce & WordPress latest Version Compatibility check
Version 1.0.0
Initial release



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