WooCommerce Add Mail Account




WooCommerce Add Mail Account, allows you to add more mail accounts, on webshop orders. You can add multiple mail accounts, based on individual products. This helps a lot, if you etc. want a product, to be linked with another third party business or colleague. This is also available as global settings, so you can add mail accounts that will apply to all WooCommerce orders.

The plugin supports flexible rules, which allow you to add multiple mail accounts, across the different mail types defined in WooCommerce. When you create new rules. You can easily choose between visible Cc mail headers and hidden Bcc headers.

Features such as:

<li>Can be defined per. product</li>
    <li>Can be defined per. order</li>
    <li>Covers all WooCommerce orders</li>
    <li>Supports multiple mail accounts for comma separation</li>
    <li>Switch between Cc and Bcc mail headers</li>



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