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Woo Additional Fees

This plugin allows merchant to charge an additional fee to the buyer on at time of checkout multiple ways like fix additional fee or additional fee based on registered user role with editable label. Admin can able to set the charges in percentage or in fix amount and label them as well. The same amount would be charged to buyer at time of checkout under predefine label and these details would be mentioned in all the notification emails as well as in order details too.

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  • Plugins allows to charge any kind of additional fees or extra fees from the buyers
  • Additional fees can be charged based on User Roles. For example, if you want to charge $10 (or any amount) extra for the specific group of people or user? You can easily set the same using this plugin.
  • Custom labelling option is available so you can explain your buyer about the purpose of fee you are charging them.
  • Fees can be set on as Fix Amount or based on Percentage value of the product.
  • Fees will be included in all the noficiation emails sent out to user or admin upon after order purchase
  • Fees will be visible on order details page in backend as well as user order view on frontend
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.0+ and WooCommerce 3.0+


WooCommerce Plugin

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