RO Marketing PRO





  • Add Google Tag Manager Tag
  • Add Google Analytics Tag
  • Add Google Analytics Content Experiment Tag
  • Add Google Optimize Tag
  • Add Crazy Egg Tag
  • Add LiveChat Tag
  • Add Olark Live Chat Tag
  • Add LinkedIn Insight Tag
  • Add Google AdWords Remarketing Tag
  • Add Bing Ads UET Tag
  • Add Facebook Converstion Tag
  • Add Other Site-Wide Header Scripts / Footer Scripts
  • Add TrackDuck Tag
  • Send 404 Page URLs to GA
  • Select Device(s) to Load Content Experiment Tag
  • MailChimp Newsletter Subscription Form
  • Site-Wide Announcement Banner
  • KML Sitemaps for Local SEO
  • Custom Reviews Page
  • Stop Comment Spam
  • Media Library File Renaming
  • Clear Expired Sessions Automatically
  • Force HTTPS Everywhere
  • Automatically Open External Links in a New Tab
  • 301 Redirects Manager

Documentation found here.


We wanted our Digital Marketers & Marketing Assistants, rather than our Developers, to be able to install tags. We took our brightest SEOs, CROs, PPCs, Email Specialists, etc., mapped out our onsite WordPress needs, and got our Developers to create this masterpiece.

  • Our plugin is easier to use than Google Tag Manager— and it does more
  • Reduce tag setup time from 15 hours to 10 minutes
  • Use ONE plugin instead of 16+ Plugins
  • Better than manually adding tags to site code because your tags can’t be overwritten
  • Simple enough for any Marketer or Assistant to setup
  • No guesswork with setting up tags
  • Our plugin has been thoroughly tested and is regularly updated
  • Reducing # of plugins increases security, causes fewer compatibility issues, and saves you time from having to update so many plugins



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