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Adds the ability to use categories in the WordPress Media Library and filter on categories when inserting media. When activated a dropdown of categories will show up in the media library. You can change the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions.


  • add / edit / remove categories from media items
  • change the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions
  • filter on categories in the media library
  • filter on categories when adding media to a post or page
  • filter on categories when creating galleries in the media library
  • taxonomy filter
  • support for WordPress 3.1 – 5.8
  • WordPress 5+ Gutenberg compatible


<strong>Filter by category in the media library</strong><br />

use bulk actions to add and remove categories to multiple items at once
Filter by category in the media library

<strong>Manage categories in the media library</strong>

Manage categories in the media library

<strong>Filter by category when inserting media</strong>

Filter by category when inserting media


Reviews Media Library category plugin for WordPress

Automatic Updates

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  • Replaced inline jQuery with vanilla JavaScript.
  • Updated external scripts to latest version.


  • Fix ‘Not in a category’ option when filtering default categories.


  • Fix ‘jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated’ warning.
  • Remember selected category in dropdown when filtering default categories.


  • Add filter option “not in a category”.
  • Remember selected category in dropdown when filtered.


  • Fix text in delete button on bulk select page.
  • Add fix for JavaScript cache issue.


  • Fix JavaScript in featured image window.


  • Fix JavaScript warning after upload in media grid view


  • Add autocomplete search to the category dropdown in the Media Library (which can be turned on under Settings → Media)
  • Add usability fix to highlight media library settings section when directly linked


  • Fix taxonomy checkbox on media modal (when using custom taxonomy)
  • Fix some translation strings


  • Add interface (located under Settings → Media) to separate the media categories from the default WordPress categories


  • Add WordPress 5.3 compatibility.


  • Improve upgrade progress for servers that use extreme caching.


  • Re-enable assigning categories to images inside media popup.


  • Fix JavaScript error in the Media Library grid view.


  • Add Elementor Page Builder plugin support.
  • Add support for multiple slugs and id’s in gallery shortcode.


  • WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg compatibility


  • Rewrite entire plugin to improve quality and make it ready for future development.
  • Notice for first time users how to separate media categories.
  • Support for SCRIPT_DEBUG.
  • Only load CSS when needed.
  • Move language files to GlotPress.


  • Remember pagenumber when using bulk actions.
  • Only use wp_safe_redirect instead of wp_redirect.
  • Better detection if category is empty in gallery shortcode.
  • Use id attribute in gallery shortcode and show attachments in selected category and uploaded to post ID.
  • Leave id attribute empty in gallery shortcode to show attachments in selected category and upload to current post.


  • Before creating custom taxonomy check if taxonomy exists.
  • Use filter instead of action for the displayed attachments.
  • On some servers the active category was not selected in the dropdown in media list view.
  • Fixed notice “Undefined index: ids” which in some rare cases would appear.
  • Support PHP 7.1
  • Support for GlotPress
  • Support for WordPress 4.7


  • Support for WordPress 4.4
  • Fix compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields and some other plugins.


  • Support for WordPress 4.2
  • Security fix for add_query_arg XSS
  • Remember selected category


  • Support for WordPress 4.1
  • Add category checkboxes to attachment details on insert media popup.


  • Support for WordPress 4.0
  • Added categories filter to media grid view.
  • Security enhancement.
  • Resolved conflict with UberMenu plugin.


  • Improved compatibility with other plugins that use the shortcode.
  • Remember author when changing categories.
  • Added example code in the FAQ for creating seperate categories with PHP 4


  • Added support for category to the default WordPress shortcode gallery.
  • Remember ordering when changing categories.
  • Improved code styling to match WordPress code standard even more strictly.


  • Stay on active page in the media library when changing categories.


  • Added hierarchical display of the filter menu when inserting media.
  • Fixed PHP 5.4 strict warning.


  • Fixed alignment of filter for custom categories in WordPress 3.9


  • Fixed error message which in some cases appears when updating multiple items at once.


  • Fixed media count on the categories page.
  • Add item count in the category filter dropdown when using separate categories for the WordPress Media Library.
  • Support for WordPress 3.9


  • New images are now added to the default category (if a default category exists). In most cases the default category is “Uncategorized”.


  • By default the WordPress Media Library uses the same categories as WordPress does (such as posts & pages). Now you can use separate categories for the WordPress Media Library.
  • Fixed bug where in some rare cases the filter by category didn’t work

Before 2.0

  • Category options & management in the Media Library
  • Category filter when inserting media
  • Category filter when creating galleries
  • Taxonomy filter
  • Support for bulk actions (to add / change or remove categories from multiple media items at once)
  • Internationalisation
  • Extensive documentation



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