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CompareAzon allows you to embed and compare several Amazon products and provide relevant information – product advantages and disadvantages into a great looking comparison table!

<strong>Easily build Comparison Tables on your website, embed and Compare Amazon Products and Showcase them into your Website by using Gutenberg blocks! </strong>

Search and Embed Amazon Products into comparison tables in just a flash!

<strong>No coding necessary, no amazon API keys, the plugin works as is.

Simply input your Affiliate ID and start making money!

Promptly find and select the amazon products by ASIN or Keyword and compare them in a few simple steps!

<strong>Multiple commissions! The plugin works with Amazon&#8217;s Major Affiliate Programs!

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, and Japan

<strong>As checkout features, you have Direct Checkout or Add to cart! The Add to cart comes with the 90 days cookie of course!

<strong>Choose your &#8220;Best Product&#8221; &#38; Drive more Clicks</strong>

Simply choose your favorite product in a table and we&#8217;ll make it stand out from the crowd so your visitors can take action within seconds.

<strong>Price Synchronization </strong>- prices update automatically! So you don&#8217;t have to worry that the products don&#8217;t have their prices synced with Amazon&#8217;s!

<strong>Amazon Compliant &#8211; Remote Images</strong>

Everything in your tables is 100% compliant. No more worrying about being banned from using Amazon’s images without permission.

CompareAzon uses the remote image so you don&#8217;t have to waste time downloading, uploading, and formatting.


Give your customers a tool to understand what products are perfect for them.

Make your customer´s life easier and allow them to make a comparison among products in the easiest and most efficient way ever.

<strong>CompareAzon is an indispensable tool if you own an online store, including many items with similar features.

Full features list

  • Works with any WordPress Theme
  • Online Documentation
  • Add comparison table into any page/post by using Gutenberg Blocks
  • Easily create custom comparison tables with custom amazon products
  • Embed products by ASIN or Keywords
  • Choose to display table labels or not
  • Highlight product – with custom label and color
  • Drag and Drop Features
  • Custom fields that you can add into the table for comparison
    • Product Name
    • Thumbnail
    • Gallery
    • Rating
    • Yes / No custom field
    • Custom Text
    • Full Price / List Price / Sale price
    • Read more / Add to cart / Buy now buttons
    • Prime ready label
    • Free shipping
    • Custom field
      • ASIN
      • Country
      • Description
      • Brand
      • Technical Specifications
      • Images
      • Amazon Price
      • Short Description
    • Embed amazon products without any API key necessary
    • Price Synchronization – prices update automatically
    • Direct Checkout / Add to cart / Read more buttons
    • 90 days cookie
    • Multiple commissions! The plugin works with Amazon’s Major Affiliate Programs!
    • United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, and Japan



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